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Sai Community

...Penis Pride! XD

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Community Rules
  1. Any kind of fanfiction or fanart is welcome and all ratings are accepted. Please indicate het/yaoi pairing warnings. And please, please, please put your work behind an LJ-cut. Don't know how to do that? No problem. All you have to do is type in [lj-cut text="INSERT SUBJECT HERE"]. Pretty simple, eh? But remember to replace the brackets with a "<" and ">"!

  2. Try to keep your posts as on-topic as possible. Discussion about fics, fandom or the manga itself is fine, but we'd prefer it if it was someway related to Sai. It's a Sai community, people.

  3. NO BASHING KTHXBAI. We don't want any posts along the lines of, "Eww, NaRutO belogz wiz HinAta, U sick freeks!!!" Let's all be mature and respectable fangirls and fanboys.

  4. On the other hand, NO INCOHERENT "OMFG SAI IS SO HAWT. HE IS MY HUSBAND!!!!11" FANGIRLING EITHER. That also goes for unsupported, ship-happy posts.

  5. Keep all spoilers up until the last three chapters in an LJ-cut.

  6. SAI IS A BOY. END OF STORY. It has been confirmed in Chapter 287, as he does bathe with Naruto and Yamato on the guys' side of the hot springs.

  7. Doujinshi scans OKAY ♥ -- but be sure to lock the entries!